Night-Time Skin Care Tips Followed By Dermatologists

Skin care routine is not something you must do occasionally. Just like your body needs food, your skin needs nourishment that it gets from active ingredients and proper cleanliness regimen.

Skin experts explain that you must incorporate a regular skin care regime if you want to slow down the aging process.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is full of stress and a pollution. As a result, your skin starts to show signs of aging much sooner than your years. So what can you do to combat the problem?

According to dermatologists, washing away the dirt and grime will not be enough. You would need to follow a proper night time routine to undo the day’s damage. Did you know that night time is when your skin repairs itself? Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you nourish your skin with special ingredients to make your natural repair system work better. By doing that, you can expedite the healing process and allow the skin to absorb all rejuvenating elements to make it look young and attractive.

So before you start Looking For Skin Doctor in Lucknow, follow these night time skin care tips to see a noticeable Improvement.

Double cleansing

Double cleansing is a process that involves makeup removal with micellar water and then using a cleanser for deep cleaning.

Micellar water, as the name suggests, is made up of small balls of cleansing oil molecules known as micellar. It can be easily found online or retail stores. When you apply this water, dirt gravitates towards these balls and gets easily washed away, leaving your skin looking fresh and clean.

Follow usual cleansing process

If this seems a bit too much for you, then you can also use the normal wash cleaning routine. Skin doctors suggest that you should use a gentle cleanser to wash your face at night. This alone will make a significant improvement to your skin and its appearance.

Don’t forget to exfoliate

Using mild exfoliation at night will gently slough away all the dead skin cells and all allow the active ingredients in your serum/moisturizer to get absorbed into your skin. So be sure to scrub at least twice or thrice a week.

Use a night time moisturizer

It is advisable to invest in a special night time moisturizer to use on your skin before you go to bed. The fundamental difference between a night time moisturizer and the day time moisturizer is that while former is quite thick, the latter is light in consistency and contains sunscreen.

It works wonders in making your skin feel soft and supple.

Apply an eye cream

You may have heard this a multiple times that the skin around your eyes is very delicate. It will show signs of aging much sooner if you don’t care for it properly. So consider applying eye cream that contains ingredients like caffeine that help reduce puffiness. You should also look for niacinamide in your cream that increases the moisture levels and keeps the skin from drying.

Keep a humidifier nearby

This not exactly a skin care routine but sleeping close to the humidifier will keep your skin and body hydrated through the night. So when you wake up next morning, you will wake up feeling better.

Look for retinol products

Retinol products are very useful in keeping your skin looking great.

You should include it in your skin care at three times a week to stimulate your cell regrowth as well as equip your skin to fight sun damage. It is also useful in fighting the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Avoid drinking alcohol

If you feel and look puffy after you wake up, it is because of the alcohol and its indiscriminate consumption. It makes you dehydrated that shows up on your skin in all the bad ways. So if you want to keep the age off your face, then avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Apply night time lip balm

Your lips, just like your eyes, have the lightest skin. So don’t forget to give them nourishment too. Wash your lips with warm water before bed and wipe them dry with a soft cloth. This step will remove all dry skin. Apply lip balm to heal your chapped lips naturally.

In the end, it cannot be stressed enough that no amount of creams and lotions will keep you looking young and fresh if you are not getting your beauty sleep. So when you have carefully followed all these steps, remember to actually sleep at night. On a lazy day, remember to wash your face and apply a thick moisturizer before you get into your bed.

Your skin will thank you next morning.


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