This Must Be The Best Divorce Letter Ever.

Here is a funny divorce letter!

Divorce can be sometimes one of the most serious and painful parts of life. There are a number of reasons why divorces occur. Sometimes it is merely incompatibility between spouses. Sometimes one of the spouses might be committing infidelity. Sometimes it is because of disagreements on other issues. All the same, it can also lead to some awkwardly hilarious moments between husbands and wives.

What the ex-husband wrote

Take this example, for instance. A man had written a letter to his ex-wife saying that he had decided to get a divorce after she quit her job. He also mentioned that he had felt let down by her behaviour. He said that she failed to notice several things about him, implying negligence. She had not noticed when he had cooked her favourite food. She had not noticed his new haircut or his brand new pair of boxers. She had remained in silence while eating the meal, and gone to bed straight after the meal. She had made no attempt to be intimate with him or express her love for him in any way. He said that he suspected she was either cheating on him, or didn’t love him anymore. He was planning to move to West Virginia with her sister, Carla.

What the response was

If you thought that was funny, the woman’s response was gold! She claimed that the reason she did not mention the haircut was that it made him look like a girl, but she did not want to offend him! Also, he probably had got her mixed with her sister, as the favourite dish he claimed was not her favourite at all-she did not even eat pork! Not only that, she had quite because she had won lotto for 15 million dollars and was planning on taking a trip to Hawaii with him.

The final twist came when she claimed that her sister Carla was actually born as Carl!

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