Mother and Son’s Rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Is The Cutest [VIDEO]

The young mother who goes by the name _raisingrobbie on Instagram rocked the iconic red heels, fitted red shirt and jean jacket, similar to what actress and model Ola Ray wore over 30 years ago.

And her miniature date donned the ‘Thriller’ jacket! The two recreated the iconic part in the video when Michael and Ola were walking down that spooky, dark street and MJ was spitting that “it’s close to midnight” game.

There were no dancing zombies in this version. But little MJ managed to have a mama on the run!

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And what would ‘Thriller’ be without the werewolf?!

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But he convinces mom it’s just him!

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Or is it?!

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The video was posted on Instagram and Twitter on Monday.

Since being posted, it has received over 1.7 million views on Facebook and thousands of comments.

One woman commented under their video, “I just love Y’all two”

Another commented, “This is the best hands down.”

Many people have tagged The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the comments, so who knows, maybe we will see this pair on TV!

Looking at their video takes back to the original. The album remains one of the top-selling albums of all time.

Watch the original video below:

Not much is known about the woman behind the video but from what we can see, she is a supermom, and her son is her best friend!

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Her hashtag #raisingrobbie documents all of their adventures together, from movie nights to sing-alongs in the car Earlier this month, the duo were bouncing to Lil Bow Wow’s “Bounced With Me” in Ninja Turtles and Batman masks.


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Morning! #stayyoung

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‘Thriller’ was the theme for lots of celebrities this year.

Victoria Secret model, Heidi Klum was the Thriller werewolf for Halloween!

“One of my most intense costumes to date,” she captioned her photo. “I love going all out and completely transforming into a character for #HeidiHalloween. That’s the best part of the holiday.”

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Klum posted her own rendition of ‘Thriller” on her Instagram page.

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Another Michael Jackson wannabe is also going viral.

Rapper YG channeled his “Billie Jean” with his black and gold glitter jacket.

“MICHAEL JACKSON DRIP! If y’all seen Michael last night in Hollywood tripping it was me,” he wrote under his caption on Instagram.

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“It’s YG dressed as Flex Washington dressed as Michael Jackson,” one fan commented.

“Thissss iss so fireeeeeeeeeeeeee WHATTTTT… buzzing. Costum,” another fan commented.

He even did the King of Pop’s famous moonwalk! At least attempted to.

One person commented, “Killed that moonwalk!”


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