Mo’Nique is Officially a “Skinny Bi$#h” and I Ain’t Mad About It! [VIDEO]

This ain’t been Mo’Nique’s year, Y’all. Not all. From calling out Tyler Perry. Lee Daniels and Oprah to trying to get us to boycott Netflix, Mo’nique’s name has become synonymous with Hollywood drama, chile.

Folks haven’t been here for Mo’nique’s shenanigans this year. Not even a little bit. But one thing nobody can take away from our sister Mo’Nique is her commitment to fitness and weight loss.

I have been watching her dance videos on Instagram for well over a year, and I cannot get enough of her energy.

Her latest video, however, really showcases how much her hard work has paid off. Just see for yourself:

Yes y’all. Say what you want about Mo’Nique, but sis seems to be living her best life. And she looks damned good doing it!

So while Mo’Nique is known for her comedic tirade against “Skinny Bi-ches” during her Queens of Comedy segment, she is now officially one of them.

Get it, Mo!



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