Mom Soaks A Big Pad In Aloe Vera And Freezes It For Genius Post-Birth Recovery Hack

When we hear about the miracle of birth, there are some parts that people leave out. Among those things is the sometimes painful recovery period that comes after a woman gives birth.

Women endure one of the most painful experiences in their life while in labor and bringing a life into the world. But the pain doesn’t end after they deliver their baby.

According to Web MD, Women who have C-sections can take up to six weeks to fully heal and may need to be on pain medication for one to two weeks.

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Those who give birth vaginally can experience vaginal soreness including pain, discomfort, and numbness.

This can be worse if there was a perineal tear or episiotomy.

Women can also experience contractions call “afterpains” that shrink the uterus for several days after childbirth.

The uterus may take up to 8 weeks to shrink.

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But one woman named Elisa Castellanos came up with the perfect postpartum hack to speed up recovery and keep her comfortable. Elisa has lots of pain following the birth of her daughter Stella.

So, she decided to try out an idea to make “pad-sicles,” which are menstrual pads soaked in aloe, which she heard about on Pinterest.

“To all my pregnant mommy friends… you’ll want to make these before you go into the hospital!!! ‘Pad-sicles’ popsicles for down there to help with the recovery. These were a lifesaver when I had Stella, I’m making some now for a friend and also wanted to share the recipe with all of you. Super fast and easy to make, in 5 minutes I made 20!

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You’ll need:

  • Witch Hazel
  • Aloe Vera Gel (I liked the medicated, pain relieving one because it helped numb everything- super beneficial if you need stitches!)
  • Pads (the larger the better! I had some extras that my hospital gave me)
  • Lavender essential oil (optional, you can also trade it out for a different oil… I didn’t use any oil)

What to do:

  • Open the pad and save the wrapper!
  • For each pad you’ll want about 2tbsp of witch hazel, about 1tbsp of the Aloe Vera gel, and a couple of drops of the oil.
  • Mix it all onto the pad and then fold in half and wrap it back into the wrapper.
  • Store all padsicles in a gallon size Freezer baggie and place them in the freezer!

I got the recipe from Pinterest because you know… I’m a Pinterest loving momma.”

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Elisa’s post ended up going viral with more than 123,000 shares on Facebook and tons of women were tagging their pregnant friends in the post.

You can see the full post below.

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