Mike Epps Dropped His Pin Location For Anyone Who Wants To Try Him After Offering Love To Jussie Smollett

Mike Epps is known for a lot of things, but I was pretty shocked when he posted an Instagram video showing support for Jussie Smollet in the wake of the ho-rrific hate cr-ime waged against him on Tuesday in Chicago.Not saying he’s not a decent human being, but it’s been well documented that some cis Black men in Hollywood are struggling with their homophobia (i.e.

Kevin Hart). But as we know not all Black men are a monolith, so I digress.

Anyway, as many continue to rally around Smollet, Epps posted a video on Wednesday which accomplished the following things:

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gave much needed love to Smollett, promoted his upcoming Valentine’s Day comedy show in Chicago and basically said “run up get done up” to the thugs who at-tacked Smollett if they in any way feel froggy.

And he did it all under one minute. What a way to be efficient in your messaging!

“Public service announcement,” Epps began. “I will be in Chicago, performing at the Pavillion on Valentine’s weekend. You cowards that jumped out on Jussie in Chicago, I’ll be there performing in Chicago. I’m going to the same building–imma walk out the same building that Jussie did. I’m begging you, please jump out on me,” he said.


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Please try that shit on me !!!!! I don’t claim to be a tough guy but I dare y’alll cowards!! Get well

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He captioned the post with the following: “Please try that s–t on me!!!!! I don’t claim to be a tough guy but I dare ya’ll cowards!! Get well Jessie!”

Now we’re going to ignore the fact that he pronounced and spelled Smollet’s name wrong, but the love behind the message is there!

In the Black community, it’s pretty much like this: don’t ever wage a hate cr-ime against one of our own.

Epps served as the big brother who is ready, willing and able to knock the br-eaks off the cowards who as-saulted Smollett.

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A large part of me really hopes that the perps do run up on Epps just so that we can all take part in watching this go down. And while I am usually a non-vi-olent person, under these circumstances, I’m feeling more Malcolm than Martin today. It’s not right, but it’s okay.

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