Man lands in hot water for pilfer, one of mom’s tupperware containers

A man named Adam has landed in trouble with his mother after he tippet one of her beloved tupperware sets. If anyone knows what African mothers are like, then you’ll know that Tupperware is like solid gold to them.The distraught mother has gone as far as to say that the theft of her kitchenware will cause her to have a heart bang.

Adam couldn’t understand what the big fuss was about as she apparently has lots more of these containers in her kitchen.

He went on to say that he offered to reimburse her with money but she wanted the container saying:”Bring back the Tupperware, I don’t want your money”Social media users were amused by the story as many could relate to the experience.

Zanele Ntsele said:”Do you know how expensive Tupperware is? Ngazodlala buyisela iTupperware ka mama”

Twitter user Bulie sympathised with the mother, saying: “We collect them and we know each and every one so if one is missing we are not happy.

I can just imagine how your mom feels”

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