Man Finds Toddler Wandering Neighborhood, Dresses and Feeds Him Before Helping Him Home [Video]

In a world where stories about missing children often leave us feeling hopeless about the state of humanity, it is encouraging to read stories about men and women who step up to help a vu-lnerable child in need.

A Nashville man said he was leaving his apartment with friends on May 7 to get some breakfast when they spotted a toddler wandering around the complex. Although it is unclear how or why the child ended up outside alone, it seems like the toddler simply managed to unlock the door to his apartment and quietly slip out unsupervised.

The boy, about three years old, was not wearing shoes or bottoms.

He was lo-st and vu-lnerable, but the good Samaritan, Reese, along with his friends, took responsibility for the boy.

Reese asked the boy where he lived, and the boy pointed to a door that matched all the other doors in the apartment complex.

Breakfast for Reese and his friends was put on hold while everyone came together to try and find the boy’s home. Reese and the boy walked from door to door, but in the often uniform architecture and vast landscape of the apartment complex, they were getting nowhere. Taking care of the boy’s immediate need for clothing and food then became the highest priority.

“We dressed him.

We put on bottoms, washed his feet and put socks on him,” Reese told WZTV.

Then, Reese made the boy some breakfast. “He said he wanted something to eat, so we got him a waffle,” Reese said. Reese said that just as the waffle had been prepared, Cop arrived and escorted the boy home, safe and sound. Before the boy left, Reese said the child explained how he had learned to unlock doors all by himself and was able to leave his apartment on his own. It was a situation that could have ended in tragedy, but thanks to Reese and his friends who were willing to put their own agenda on hold to help a child in need,

This story has a happy ending.

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