Man Ac-cidentally Catches Ch-eating Wife On Google Street View [Video]

Google Maps isn’t just for directions anymore — it can also end your marriage. According to Australian outlet, a man caught his wife ch-eating while searching for a location in Google Maps street view.

He was using the app to decide on a tourist destination to take his wife to on vacation and stumbled upon a woman in an outfit he recognized.

While navigating down the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco, Peru, he saw the woman was sitting on a bench with a man, reclining with his head in her lap. Both of their faces are blurred, as is customary when Google street view cameras capture a person. While the view only shows a still image, the woman appears to be stroking his hair.

The man quickly realized it was his wife based on the clothing and other physical characteristics. Although the photo was taken in 2013, the man at the center of the story still chose to confront her. The missus admitted to ch-eating, according to Peruvian paper La Cronica, and the couple recently di-vorced.

Google street view, which uses multi-lens cameras mounted on top of cars to capture every perspective of a mapped street, was created in 2007 and launched in 5 U.S.

cities. It’s now available to view roads in 80 countries.

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