Mack Wilds Professes His Love For Dark-Skinned Women To Wendy Williams [Video]

Mack Wilds recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to promote his new movie, The Breaks, and while he was there, he took the opportunity to profess his love for dark-skinned women.

The conversation began when Williams asked about the rumors that Wilds was romantically involved with Sevyn Streeter. “The rumor on the street was that you were dating somebody named Sevyn Streeter. Were you in love with her?” Williams pressed during their interview.

When Wilds tried to skirt the question and said that the two of them were “just really, really good friends,” Williams tried a different tactic, saying, “She’s really pretty to just be a really good friend.”

Wilds agreed, then took the conversation in a more general direction.

“I love dark-skinned girls. So you know, she’s definitely one of them,” he told the audience.

Williams seemed surprised at the new direction and remarked, “Who’s talking about complexion? You see this is where my people go in a conversation. Really?”

But Wilds knew that it was a conversation that needed to happen, and he stayed the course.

“It’s just, I don’t know…my mom is brown-skinned so I just have a thing about all the different colors that women come in.”



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