Justin Bieber’s Car Broke Down ‘in The Hood’ So Locals ‘forced’ Him To Do Push-ups In Street [Video]

It’s always a nightmare when you break down, but it’s even worse if you’re sat in the car with your slippers on because you only meant to ‘pop out for two minutes’ and no one was supposed to see you.

So imagine Justin Bieber’s horror knowing he was inevitably going to be bombarded within minutes – because, well, those Beliebers are feisty ones after all.

The ‘Baby’ singer was ‘in the hood’ down in the Watts neighbourhood of Los Angeles, and while he apparently waited for a removal service after his car packed in.

So he decided to get involved with the locals and gain a few new fans.

Because what do you do when faced with a slightly sticky situation? Push ups, basketball and a good old sing-a-long it would seem.

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Yup, the 24-year-old confidently serenaded the crowd around him with a rendition of ‘Hold Tight’ before completing 20 press ups as everyone shouted around him and counted.

After completing 20 he started to boast by doing clapping press ups – but not for long, because no one likes a show off.

In this very strange show, Bieber also found time to play basketball with a group of kids. What a LAD.

And we really hope this was a genuine stunt because we’re glad the removal service kept him waiting.

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But of course there are some people who are pessimistic about the whole thing.

Anti-Racism Strategist, Tariq Nasheed, claims that he didn’t really break down but it was just a publicity stunt for a church.


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Justin Bieber bust down in the hood for having slippers ???✋✋?

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He tweeted saying: “They are spreading a fake scenario that #JustinBieber was chilling’ in ‘the hood’ in LA because his car broke down.

That’s 100% false.

“A church group organized this PR stunt for Bieber to take photo ops down in Imperial Courts. They had to throw a little money around to get a pass”.

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Arguing with Tariq, one user said: “Whatever the reason, they look like they enjoyed his company.

Black folks was not given any money from what I know and its them I was referring to enjoying Bieber’s company.”

I mean we had our suspicions when we read that his car ‘broke down’ but whatever happened let’s just be happy that everyone enjoyed themselves…



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