Jennifer Lopez’s 11-year-old Daughter Emme Showcases Her Vocal Talents With Alicia Keys Song [Video]

Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented triple threat, so it’s no surprise that her 11-year-old daughter, Emme, has inherited her skills. Emme recently proved she has her mom’s pipes when she belted out “If I Ain’t Got You,” by another famous songstress, Alicia Keys.

The video that includes her singing was posted to Lopez’s YouTube channel. Entitled “Ain’t No Weekend Like a J. Lo Weekend: My First Time Performing Medicine Live,” the video chronicles a weekend in the life of the star, beginning as she wraps up her upcoming movie, “Hustlers,” at 6 a.m. on Saturday, May 4.

That night, she begins rehearsals for her live performance of “Medicine” on the Summer Concert Series on NBC’s “Today” on Monday, May 6.

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In the middle of all that, Lopez managessing to thieve a minute to watch her daughter sing at the piano.

The touching moment comes at about 4:12 in the video below: Wow! Emme can really h-it the high notes! Lopez’s pride for her daughter is evident as she coaches her through the song. At the end of her performance, mother and daughter embrace, and Lopez suggests that Emme could have a part in her upcoming tour, It’s My Party, which kicks off at the Forum in Los Angeles on June 7. That would certainly be an amazing opportunity!

The rest of the video shows Lopez as she prepares for her big day on Monday, including a wardrobe fitting on Sunday, more rehearsals and a sound check in front of.

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The audience, after which Lopez greets fans in the crowd gathered to see her.

Before she finally takes the stage, Lopez sits down for a brief interview with “Today” host Savannah Guthrie, in which she discusses her recent engagement to baseball legend Alex “We just get along,” Lopez told “Today” about their relationship. “We just complement each other. He’s super supportive. He allows me to be who I am, and I want him to shine in the greatest way possible and to be his best self. We just help each other be better people in a way. And we love our families — we’re very similar as well.”

Family is clearly very important to Lopez, and this isn’t the first time she has showcased her daughter.

Just a couple of weeks ago, she shared a video in which she allowed her twins yes, Emme has a twin brother, Max — their father is Marc Anthony to interview her. She posted that video on YouTube, too. This charismatic youngster may have a future following her famous mom into the music business! Way to go, Emme.

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