If You See Square Waves In The Ocean – Stay Away From The Water And Warn Others Immediately [Video]

The ocean can be an absolutely fascinating place. You would probably be able to watch the waves for hours, mesmerized by the beauty. However, there is also a downside.

The ocean, though beautiful can also be terribly dangerous. Hundreds of people drown every year, so it is of utmost importance to take special care when you’re around the ocean. One rather dangerous phenomenon which is fascinating to look at but also dangerous-and rarely talked about is the square wave.

How do they occur?

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Square waves occur when waves from one weather system continue even though a change in the wind has created different waves.

The waves then run at an angle from each other. When this ocean scene occurs it can attract many curious spectators however what lies under this amazing sight are currents that can throw anything in its path up in the air which may include something as large as a ship.

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It has been recommended by experts to stay away whenever you see such an occurrence.

As fascinating as it is, it is also extremely dangerous and can be life-threatening. The ocean can be a great, fascinating place, however it is important to think of safety first. There have been hundreds of incidents of drowning etc. in the world and we do not want to add to them. However, it is also an extremely interesting subject to study about. The ocean is filled with strange, fascinating and sometimes dangerous phenomena bound to captivate you.


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