I Thought I Couldn’t Love The Cast Of “Us” Any Harder, Then They Dropped This Rap Video And Proved Me Wrong [Video]

These four extremely talented and beautiful folks are Lupita Nyong’o, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright, and Winston Duke. Sure they look sweet, but they scared the s— outta me with their perfect performances as the Wilson family in Jordan Peele’s new horror movie Us.

Well, Lupita recently posted a video of the movie family rapping together and it’s hands down the best thing I’ve seen all week.

Each actor pops on a pair of fly shades before spitting a few bars dedicated to their character, like Evan’s lines about Jason being the baby of the bunch and always wearing a mask…

“It’s Jaaaa-sonnn/baby boy out the crew/mask on deck/if you see me, I’m coming for you.”

…and Shahadi’s lines about Zora’s “duality” and her red romper.

“Zora stay ready/choppin the track like a machete/my duality comes at night/my red romper gives you a fright.”

Even Lupita’s rap alters ego Troublemaker makes a special appearance. I haven’t seen her since she bodied another rap session back in 2016, so this is a BIG FRICKIN DEAL!!!

“Troublemaker/cut and shake ya/Five on it, all smoke no vapors/In Peele’s reel I play Adelaide/Get ya own worst enemy, be afraid.”

There’s also Winston aka Black Panther’s Mbaku aka inducer of throat parching thirst, who thankfully recites one of the BEST lines of the film: “if ya wanna get crazyyy!”

“Gabe on deck, if ya wanna get crazy/Robin Hood gave me those bars/You know my flow ain’t lazy/Watch yourself with that nonsense/Us is killer no contest/ Wilsons make you quiver and you know we got them scissors.”

At first, I thought the cast had freestyled the rap because again, TALENT.

But as Lupita explained in another Instagram post, her friend emcee Robyn Hood actually penned the fi-re* “Us” track.

And guess what? The full track is now available on SoundCloud…with an extended verse!!!


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