Dad ‘Breastfeeds’ Baby In A Hilarious Effort To Get Her To Take A Bottle [Video]

A dad came up with a smart solution to feeding his newborn daughter while mom was out for the day. Baby Ava is usually breastfed by her mom, so her dad Allen Lamarr Fails Jr.

decided to improvise by cutting a hole in his shirt and placing the bottle though. The hilarious video was shared on Facebook where it racked up 15 million views. “My daughter is famous and she’s not even two weeks old,” Fails, a dad of two from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, told “GMA.”

“My wife left the house and the baby got hungry. She wouldn’t take the bottle and I didn’t know what to do.”

Fails said he thought quickly on his feet and simulated a breast by placing the bottle through his shirt.

His wife Alexis appreciated him buying time until she got home.

“She was like, ‘Allen, your video has so many views.’ She was laughing about it,” Fails said. “I [recorded] it to show people there’s more than one way to do something…whenever you care about somebody you’ll do anything to make it work, even when you don’t have the resources.”

Watch Video Below:

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