‘Holly I got THE call. They might have a match for us. When can you come home? They said they wanted to talk to both of us.’ “She was due in 6 weeks and wanted to meet us.”

“My husband, Aaron, and I had known since before we married that we wanted adoption to be part of our family’s story. However, we had always just assumed we would have biological kids first and adopt second for no particular reason other than that’s the ‘norm’ it seems.

And I, like most women, am aware there’s a factor of the biological clock to be taken into account when thinking about pregnancy and giving birth. God had another plan for our family, however, and He took us on a crazy faith journey that I wouldn’t believe if I didn’t live through it. Our road to adoption has an unusual start. Aaron loves pop culture and consequently the summer tv show, Hollywood Game Night. On a whim a couple years ago, he filled out their online application to be a contestant on the show. He received an automated ‘We aren’t currently accepting applications, but we will keep yours on file to review later.’

We both wrote it off as a polite dismissal and months later, when his phone rang and it showed a Los Angeles number, he answered it expecting to talk to a telemarketer and instead found himself interviewing for the show.

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Several rounds of interviews later, and he was flying out to LA to have a final interview and find out if he would get to be a contestant and play for $25,000.

Well, he did!… and he won! So in October of 2016, we found ourselves sitting at our kitchen table making a list titled ‘how to spend $25,000!’ We started praying about how to be good stewards with the unexpected blessing, and we kept making the wish list. On an unrelated note (or so we thought), we had decided we were also about ready to grow our family. We began hearing about a local Christian adoption agency literally every single week.

It happened so much that Aaron and I talked one night and said ‘Oh you’ve noticed it too?’ That led us to start asking God if He was trying to direct our attention to adoption, and after several days, we both felt that we were supposed to look into adoption. We decided to explore one or two agencies or adoption methods a month, do our research, and then we would pick an agency from there.

The very next day we were sitting in church and our mouths dropped open as we heard our pastor say ‘Today is Adoption Sunday, and we have a table in the lobby with representatives from a local Christian adoption agency. If you’ve ever considered adoption, stop by the table.’ To make it even more ridiculous, it was the same adoption agency that we had kept hearing about in the weeks leading up to this! We sheepishly, excitedly and nervously stopped by the table after the service and left our names for further information.

We still didn’t know if anything would come of it, but we knew our next step was to talk to this agency.

After submitting our initial application that included listing references, we found out the director of the agency knew and loved one of our references. At that point, Aaron said: ‘It’s like God is saying- you may not know what to expect or how all this will turn out, but I have every detail orchestrated. He knew years ago that our paths would cross with the agency director. He keeps giving us reminders that He is in control and has a plan.’ We had no idea how God would work in even greater ways over and over again.

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Early on in the process, I needed to get a physical done for part of the paperwork requirements.

A month earlier, my primary care doctor had severely questioned our decision to adopt before trying for biological kids. So for the physical, I decided to go to a new doctor. On that visit, during the first couple of minutes when I was with the nurse getting my vitals taken, she asked me what I was there for. I told her I needed a physical for paperwork in our adoption process, and she responded with genuine warmth for us. So much so, I was a bit surprised at her level of excitement! Shortly after that, the doctor came in, and she also expressed excitement for us. As the appointment was ending, the doctor left, and I was with the same nurse again as she finished up the paperwork.

I remember sitting there feeling so thankful that this visit had gone so much better than my last one when the nurse began to speak to me again, quietly, saying, ‘You might have been surprised with how excited I was that you said you and your husband were adopting. Years ago, I was in a different place and was going through an extremely difficult time. I was pregnant and chose adoption. A wonderful family, much like yours, is raising my son and I’m so thankful for them. I don’t regret it.

I know it was the best choice and the right choice. So even now, I’m thankful for families who choose to adopt.’ Honestly, tears come to my eyes even as I write that. She didn’t have to share with me that day, but she did. And at that moment, God whispered once again that He was directing our steps. I got to the car and sat in awe. God redeemed that doctor’s office moment and overwhelmed me with the exact encouragement and hope that I needed at the perfect time.



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