Grandma Calls Wrong Number For 3 Months & Ends Up Making Lifelong Friend. [Video]

Sometimes the best friendships blossom from the most unlikely encounters. Just ask Callie Hall. In October 2017, the Columbia, South Carolina resident began receiving calls from someone who clearly had the wrong number.

But little did Callie know that the stranger on the other line would become one of the most important people in her life.

When Callie got her first voicemail from “Grandmamma Margaret,” she realized the elderly woman thought she was calling her grandson, Barry.

“I called her back to let her know she was calling the wrong number, but it took several months for Grandmamma Margaret to realize my number wasn’t Barry’s number,” Callie said. “She called about once every two weeks to check in on Barry – whether he needed his pants hemmed or anything else he may need. I would call her back each time to let her know it was still me, and we would chat a little each time.”

Two months later, Margaret finally began remembering that she was calling Callie, not Barry.

Callie recalls, “this time the voicemail she left said, ‘Merry Christmas, Callie! I figured out Barry’s number. Thank you for being my friend. Love you, later.’” She thought that would be the last time she heard from her accidental friend, but the calls continued for the next year and a half. They’d speak once a week to catch up, and their conversations always left Callie smiling.

But the truth was that Margaret’s calls couldn’t have come at a better time in her life. Months before Callie “met” Margaret over the phone, her parents decided to divorce. She was struggling to deal with it and says she looked forward every week to chatting with the sweet lady she’d never actually seen. Then, on March 2, at the suggestion of Margaret, the two finally met in person. Callie and her mom drove to Margaret’s house and the three went out to lunch together.

We got to talk and laugh with each other about our story.

This wonderful lady is just as wonderful as she is on the phone. She wants everyone to be happy and does whatever she can to bring joy to her and everyone’s life. I am beyond blessed this sweet lady called the wrong number. Who would have known that a wrong number would have created such an amazing friendship? Grandmamma Margaret is not only a friend, but she is now family.

Whether it was fate or just a chance happening, these two clearly needed each other’s friendship.

Here’s to years of more great conversations — on the phone and in person. Get a taste of Margaret’s adorable personality in the clip below, and be sure to share with all your own beloved friends.

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