Game Just Dragged Tomi Lahren By Her Blonde Extensions And Fans Are Screaming

If you thought Game’s searing words for Kim Kardashian boiled the internet over, you haven’t seen anything yet until reading the Born to Rap artist’s paragraph-long dragging for po-litical commentator Tomi Lahren.

One might assume that the drag she received from Black Twitter after the 26-year-old’s bastardly mocking of Atlanta trap star 21 Savage and his current ICE ar-rest would be enough to keep her favorite Black Twitter trolling pastime at bay.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B took their turns on a 280-character dog walk for the f-ired Blaze Media employee.

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Now, to finish Tami off, the Compton heavyweight is next up to give Tami the blistering mouthful of a lifetime that’ll (hopefully) keep her out of Black Twitter’s hair once and for all.


The Instagram dragging held back nothing as he reminded her for the umpteenth time that 21’s dev-astating immigration ordeal was no laughing matter.

The rest of his drag for her is, though. “You the same dumb broad that was singing the lyrics to his song not long ago…,” he continued. “Now using his situation & the culture deep down you love so much for content on ya bum a– twitter page etc…”

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Game also reminded Tami, whom he dubbed a “dumb bird a–,” that her false claim about her ancestors discovering America couldn’t be further from the truth in the most savage of ways.

“Obviously all that Black athlete semen you swallowed at UNLV is starting to seep into that cracked skull of yours!!!,” he raged. “Cut the shenanigans grandma p–sy…we [see] you!!!” Oh, and Tami? Game advises you stay out of those tanning salons lest you want to end up like Donald Tangerine—we mean, Trump.

Everyone’s wigs still intact? Good.

See the fieriest Tami Lahren drag of 2019 thus far in Game’s post and how fans are trying to cool off from it, below.


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