Flight Attendant Suspicious Of Teen Girl With Older Man. Girl Writes Note In Bathroom Asking For Help

In 2011, a routine flight from Seattle to San Francisco seemed all fine, when a 49-year-old flight attendant named Sheklia Frederick suspected something is wrong. She noticed a 14-15-year-old girl is sitting next to an older man in flight.

The man is well dressed but the little girl was looking disheveled. It seems suspicious to her. She tried to have a conversation with the girl, but the man acted defensively. The girl did not reply, appears being controlled and don’t make eye contact. Sheklia instincts were telling her, something is definitely not right.

She doesn’t want to draw the attention of the man, so she casually moved on to other passengers. But she was still noticing the girl, her appearance and her frightened eyes.

She thought of a plan to check if her instincts are telling her right of the little girl being a human-tra-fficking.

While walking down, she whispered in her ear to walk to the bathroom. She has left a note in the toilet on which she got the reply from the girl, “I need help”. She quickly alerted the pilot. The pilot contacted the police station and made a plan when the plane will land in San Francisco, police will be waiting for the man in the terminal.

That day she saved the life of a little girl.

The story went viral on social media and among other flight attendants to help them to learn how to spot the signs of human tra-fficking.6 years later, the flight attendant and the girl still have contacts. Fredrick says, she feels really happy, that the little girl is now attending college. If you see something, say something. A little courage and help can save someone’s life.



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