Fantasia And Jennifer Hudson Go Toe-To-Toe On Stage[Video]

This 2009 viral video of Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia going at it on stage never gets old! In the video they are singing their song, “I’m Only His Woman,” which was released in 2008.

You can hear the crowd going crazy during the performance. We couldn’t help but share this gem of a video with Fantasia & Jennifer Hudson going at it on stage!

Singing their song, “I’m Only His Woman” the crowds at this performance still love to hear these ladies battle it out on the track.

Image: Source

We’re not sure when this video was recorded, but it’s a must save favorite.We’ve been disputing this at the ILOSM office for a while now, and we’ve never come to an agreement, so check out the video and tell us, who you think won this “cat fight”!

Image: Source

Watch the video here:



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