Fans Thanked Future After Ohio Town’s Tap Water Turned Purple

Though many h-ip-hop fans have grown accustomed to thanking the Based God upon witnessing modern day miracles, another subject has become the recipient of devout and sudden worship. Complex caught wind of a curious case in which gained momentum on social media, in which Ohio’s Coal Grove Village found themselves faced with a startling new reality: purple tap water.

A local news station issued a “do not drink order,” providing an explanation as to why the tap water mysterious changed colors. Apparently, the process occurred due to “a large quantity of sodium permanganate,” according to water treatment operator Stephen Burchett.

A likely story, and one conveniently told on the day Future announced his new album.

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In fact, it feels as if the purple water was merely a symptom brought on by the impending arrival of Save Me.

It didn’t take long for fans to connect two and two, taking to Twitter to praise Future for his divine and unexpected touch. In short, “Purple Reign” and “Thought It Was A Drought” puns aplenty.Should you feel compelled to touch and/or drink the water, please refrain. It will not bring you closer to Future, nor will it reveal his gospel.

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That’s what his music is for.

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