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Though, Android based smart phones are flooding the market but the recent HTC EVO 3D comes as a revolutionary smart phone which has exclusive features. This sophisticated handset comes with an exceptional feature of 5 MP camera which also has the ability to click photos and videos in 3D. Due to this additional feature, this handset has gained great importance amongst individual across the world. HTC mobiles have always remained famous for its exceptional designs. This time too with HTC EVO 3D, you get to see not only smart features but the most unique design as well. It comes with sleek design which is extremely sophisticated and elegant.

The basic feature of HTC EVO 3D, is that it has the ability to sport 3D images. This is definitely a revolutionary aspect in the field of mobile industry. It has a dual core processor which allows your handset to download and run various important applications. In addition, there is also great opportunity to download various music videos and also store a wide array of photos and videos. The exceptional feature of this handset is the advanced 3D technology. In fact, it allows to surpass other competitive handsets in the market. The feature of in built camera is definitely one of the greatest choice and thus this HTC mobile has become extremely popular amongst individuals across the world.

If you make a slight research, you can always manage to get exceptional deals on mobile price in Dubai. In fact, there are numerous online stores which offer high quality gadgets with exceptional deals and offers. This allows you to save a huge amount of money. In fact, online stores gives you the opportunity to not only compare the prices of HTC mobile but you can actually get a clear idea about the design, color and additional features. Moreover, online stores do not have persuasive salesman, thus you can shop conveniently at your own pace. Since, the camera of HTC EVO 3D has become extremely popular amongst the younger generation. So, you can easily choose to gift these products to your loved ones. So, compare HTC mobile price in Dubai and pick this handset today.

This HTC handset comes with an Android operating system and has HTC sense. This enables customization of the handset and is definitely useful. So, it is time to compare HTC mobile price in Dubai and grab some of the most unique handsets like HTC EVO 3D and other mobiles

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