Exhausted Mom Delivers Daughter After 40 Hour Labor Then Dr Looks Between Her Legs And Freezes [Video]

A couple Nicole Ziesemer and her husband Matthew got a surprise in the form of another baby. The couple like all other couples wanted their pregnancy to be as normal as possible.

They wanted only aa few medical interventions and determined to keep hospital visits to a least. The couple appointed a midwife. This is because they wanted their child would be welcomed to the world in their own house. They even decided to give up their ultrasound. But sadly things didn’t go as per the plan.

At the date when Nicole’s child was expected to come into the world that was so far. But Nicole had to go to the hospital before four and a half weeks of the given date as earlier than planned.

So they had no choice left to rush to the hospital.

In this already critical situation, they have to face another worse situation. They got caught in a snowstorm. They had to clear the whole driveway before they could even leave. But they somehow managed and reached in the hospital.

Nicole’s condition was very critical.

Hence, their plan for natural birth without medical intervention had to be stopped. So Nicole had to take medical help. Due to this, her labor was simplified.

So after 48 hours, Nicole gave birth to the beautiful daughter Blakeley. But shortly thereafter, the doctor saw and feel ahead. So there was another child.

Nicole gave birth to the son Cade.

He entered into the world 1 hour after his elder sister. The second child was a little unhealthy due to complications arising from his birth. But after some period he got well. So the proud and shocked couple has accepted that the things maybe not exactly how they expected for here on out.


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