Elderly Woman Raising 6 Great-Grandchildren On Her Own Blessed By Surprise Squad

A 72-year-old great-grandmother raising her six great-grandchildren received a Christmas miracle this year, thanks to her best friend. Ms. Ella is a military widow who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After raising her own children and some of her grandchildren, she’s doing her best to raise her six great-grandchildren all on her own. Since Ms. Ella has no family to turn to for help with the kids or to maintain her di-lapidating home, she is overwhelmed with the tasks of taking care of her own health, her children and her home.

But Ms.

Ella does have a best friend — Alicestine Miller, known as Ms. Alice, who lives in California. Ms. Ella and Ms. Alice don’t see each other often, but friendship knows no geographic barriers.

It was Ms. Alice who turned to the Fox 5 Surprise Squad for help, explaining her friend’s dire situation and need for someone to come in and give her a massive helping hand.

When the Surprise Squad knocked on Ms. Ella’s front door, she immediately burst into tears. Sitting on her worn out couch, Ms. Ella tried to put into words how much her great-grandchildren mean to her.

“Oh Lord, they mean so much to me,” she said. “They’re my heart.” Love and pain crossed the weary woman’s face as she said she didn’t want to give details into their backstory.

“I had to rescue them,” Ms. Ella said. The Surprise Squad flew Ms. Alice in for the occasion, and when the two women saw one another, they wept.


Alice and Ms. Ella were soon whisked away for a spa day while a team of plumbers came and completed some much-needed plumbing updates and maintenance on the property.

Team members arrived with a truckload full of new furnishings, carpets, beds for the kids and even Christmas decorations. Ms. Ella’s house was quickly transformed into an oasis of comfort and beauty, just in time for Christmas.

The Surprise Squad set up a Christmas tree and placed gifts underneath, including a $500 dollar gift card for each child. Ms. Ella wept openly when she saw her new home. She was amazed at the finishing touches, like framed photos of her kids and the brightly lit Christmas tree.

“They are going to have a fit,” Ms.

Ella cried. Christmas this year was going to be vastly different than years before — “so different and so happy,” she said.

But that wasn’t all — the Surprise Squad also arranged for Ms. Ella’s rent to be paid in full for the next year. Ms. Ella gave credit to God for providing for her family in this time of need.

“Trust in the Lord,” Ms. Ella said, “and he’ll make a way for you.” As her great-grandkids piled into the house, their faces lit up with joy. “It’s a big Christmas miracle,” Ms. Ella’s great-granddaughter said.

Her kids loved the new home, but most of all, they loved seeing their great-grandma feel so loved, valued and taken care of. “It’s not about the presents,” said one great-grandson. “It’s about loving your family.”

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