Elderly Man Glares At Mom’s Diverse Family Making Her Lose It When He Approaches To Mutter Remark

What does it mean to be a family? Is it blood, DNA, or genetics? Is it skin color, eye color, or clothing style? Is it the similarity of the nose, eyes, or mouth that brings people together as a family? One family proves that it’s beyond that, that it’s more than skin color and DNA.

This diverse family continually proves to everyone they meet that love has nothing to do with color but that it’s all about celebrating the diversity of life. Jessica Satterfield and her husband have three beautiful adopted children. They have a loving family, with Jessica and her husband opening dialogues with their children about important topics in life.

Like any family, they go to the beach, have fun at the park, and eat out at restaurants. Unfortunately, they sometimes get a lot of stares.

They get questions and surprised looks, and people steal glances at them because the complexion of their skin is different.

This has happened more than once so Jessica was understandably on guard when one old man approached their family while they were out at a restaurant.

Last summer Jessica and her family were eating burgers at a restaurant. They were having a good time, just enjoying the sunny day when Jessica noticed an elderly man walking towards them. He had been staring at them intently for quite some time, which annoyed Jessica.

It wasn’t the first time they were getting looks, so the young mother braced herself to confront the man who was walking towards them.

Then, the man shook her husband’s hand and jerked his head in their direction.

Jessica will never forget what that elderly man said:

“I just wanted to tell you that you have such a beautiful family.”

The man’s eyes were filled with tears as he said that. Then, he walked away. Jessica and her husband were stunned. With all the pent up emotion and her nerves on high, Jessica was speechless. She didn’t go after the old man, but tears rolled down her cheeks when she realized what he had said.

Their children are adopted. And it is for this reason that they always get stares because her children have dark brown skin while Jessica and her husband are white. To Jessica, love doesn’t mean you have to share the same skin color. Instead, love is about acknowledging the diversity of our cultures, skin colors, and beliefs in the world.

To Jessica family has nothing to do with having a matching complexion and eye color.

Jessica has green eyes, which her daughter finds beautiful. But Jessica told her daughter her brown eyes are beautiful, too.

Everything that Jessica and her husband have taught their kids can be summarized in one sentence that one of their boys told a playmate:

“Families don’t have to match to be a family. What makes a family is their love.”

And with those words, Jessica and her family continue to love each other as family, with no boundaries.

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