Donnie Simpson Celebrated 65th Birthday With Twin Brother Most Never Knew He Had

The ageless Donnie Simpson – or “DJ Green Eyes” as he’s also known -has always been a s-x symbol for his female fans, since his days of hosting his BET show, Video Soul. It’s been nearly 23 years since the show’s been off the air and 38 years since it’s 1981 debut.

Fast forward to now, and Donnie has plenty of reasons to celebrate. Matter of fact, he and his twin brother have 65 reasons to celebrate. Yep, you read that right, Donnie’s a twin -SURPRISE!

On Their 65th, Donnie Simpson Admits He Doesn’t Like Birthday Sh-out-Outs, But…Meet Donnie’s Twin Brother & See How He Celebrated Their 65th Birthday

On January 30, 2019, Donnie and Lonnie Simpson turned 65. Donnie then admitted, “I’m not the kind of guy who shouts from the mountaintops ‘It’s my Birthday.’ I’ve had so many of them now, I’d rather they go by quietly. I do Love that so many people wish me and Lonnie a Happy Birthday. He’s the dude I came here with…”

He Showed Love To His Twin For Their B-Day

Donnie continued: “I’ve known him longer than I’ve known my mother. So to avoid sounding like I’m giving myself a shoutout from the mountaintops, I want to say Happy Birthday Lonnie!! You’re the nicest person I know and the best partner anyone could have on a journey through life.”

Throwback Pic Of Donnie & Twin…But Wait ‘Til You SEE HIS TWIN NOW….

Though Donnie has loved the entertainment spotlight for 5 decades, Lonnie had a different calling- he is a preacher and has been one for many years as well.

Check Out Donnie & Twin Bro’ Lonnie! They Have Another Famous Relative Too

Tah-dah!!! Meet Lonnie Simpson. Donnie once said, “My twin brother Lonnie is the greatest person I have ever met! Any situation he faces gives him one way to react. That book [the Bible] gives my brother the preacher the answer.”

Donnie Simpson’s Niece Is Well Known News Anchor & Was Engaged To A Mega-Superstar

Donnie Simpson’s niece, Cynne Simpson, is a celebrity in her own right, as a long time news anchor for Fox News Atlanta.

Chris Tucker Put A Ring On It…But There’s More To The Simpson Fam…

Legendary comedian/actor, Chris Tucker proposed to Cynne Simpson, around 2014. However, by 2016, Cynne stopped rockin’ her engagement ring and Tucker has since found new love.

The Simpson Fam’ With The Matriarch, Dorothy Simpson

The Simpson’s are a very close knit bunch. Here is a December 2018 photo of Donnie Simpson’s mother, Dorothy Simpson (C), his twin bro,’ Lonnie; his niece, Cynne (far left), and other Simpson family members. What a blessing!

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