Couple Married 82 Years Says No Secret For Happy Life Together, Just Be Kind To Each Other [Video]

The secret to a long marriage? “Just be nice to each other.” That’s the advice from a North Carolina couple who have been married for 82 years. D.W.

Williams, 103, and Willie Williams, 100, recently celebrated their birthdays — which fall only seven days apart. Family and friends gathered to reflect on a lifetime of memories. The couple spoke about living through the century: they experienced both world w-ars, the Great De-pression and the civil rights movement.

Through all their years, the Williams have kept it simple. And they say, they have no key to a long life or happy marriage.

But their granddaughter, BJ Williams-Greene, says she knows the answer.

“It’s communication and loving each other and working together. They are each other’s best friend,” she said. When asked what they’d do with 100 more years, Willie said, to laughter: “Just sit around the house.”

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