Congrats: Snoop’s Son Adding Grandkid #3 To Their Multir-acial Fam..Shows Pregnant Girlfriend

Kids…they grow up fast, don’t they? One minute they’re running around the house lookin’ like the snotty nose “Roscoe” kid from Martin, the next minute they’re growing facial hair and building families of their own. That couldn’t be more true for Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante Broadus, who will be celebrating their 3rd grandbaby pretty soon.

Their 2nd born son, Cordell Broadus, has recently confirmed that his girlfriend is pregnant. Though she’s outside the mold of what Snoop believes famous Black men should settle down with, Cordell is a grown man, with his own mind, and is now happily expecting his first baby.

Seems like just yesterday Snoop’s and Shante’s family looked like this. Their sons and daughter were teens and toddlers on the red carpets. Now the Broadus boys are both daddies.

Cordell (pictured with his Mom) is now standing 6’3” at 21, and his chiseled ab game is on level 10. He inherited his Pops’ height, but not his slim frame.

His Pregnant Girlfriend’s The Opposite Of What Snoop Spoke Out About
In a recent interview on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Snoop adamantly stressed the importance of Black rappers and other famous Black men settling down with “a strong Black woman.” His son fell in love with someone of a different race.

Meet Cordell’s Girlfriend & Her Baby Bump
Meet Cordell’s model girlfriend, Phia. She announced her pregnancy on Instagram, writing: “I’ve loved you before I knew you. You were a dream that came to life. Life will be challenging but I promise to be there to hold your hand as long as I live….I love you so much already baby girl….”

Here’s How Snoop’s Wife Feels About Son Having Child With Non-Black Woman
As you can see, Shante has zero problems with Cordell choosing a girlfriend of another race. Snoop is also cool with Phia now too.
Remember Snoop’s Eldest Son?

Many may remember Snoop’s and Shante’s eldest son, Corde (24). He tends to stay out of the public’s eye and like his Pop’s, he’s an advocate for ma-rijuana. He’s recently welcomed his second child.
Check Out His 2 Mini-Me’s & Girlfriend

Corde’s precious daughter, Eleven, was born in August 2018. She’s also bir-acial.
Meet Her Mommy

Soraya is Latina and she loooooves her some Corde! The two of them seem like kindred spirits and oftentimes display their love online.
Then There’s The Eldest Grandchild


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Corde had his handsome lil’ man, Zion (4) with his then-girlfriend, Jessica. Looks like Zion is learning the family music business early.
See The MAJOR Moves Snoop’s Son, Cordell, Is Making With His Careers

Cordell was one of the top sought after football players in high school and also on the collegiate level. In 2018, he shocked Snoop when he suddenly quit the sport and admitted he only excelled in football to ‘build a relationship with his dad.’
Now Here’s How Cordell’s Living His Best Life

Cordell went from playing wide receiver, to becoming an in-demand model for many high end fashion brands. He admits that when he found out he could earn $50,000 for a campaign sh-oot, he was all in.
That’s Not It…Peep The Business Endeavor He’s Doing With Snoop

Snoop has a clothing line called Joy Rich and he tapped his son, Cordell, to be creative director of the brand.
Lastly, Cordell & Snoop Have One More Joint Venture

Snoop and Cordell will be seen on-screen together for an upcoming film and/or Snoop documentary they’re apparently working on. Cordell’s an aspiring photographer and director, so that should be good experience for the young brotha.

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