Chris Brown Continues to Taunt Offset: ‘I’ma Send Ya Girl Flowers So She Know I Respect Her’ [Photo]

Chris Brown still isn’t done with Offset. The singer took to Instagram this morning to further their online f-eud …that started over a 21 Savage meme. “Don’t consider myself gangsta,” he wrote.

“But I promise the worst thing in the world is when a singing n—a got n—-s scared to fade. and what’s lame is n—a all in my comments worried about another n—a.” Brown recently shared screenshots of what he alleged was a conversation between him and Offset.

In the back and forth, Brown encouraged Offset to come to his house with the same energy he had online. “Run me my fade stop actin’ pu-ssy,” he said.

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Brown’s latest Instagram sees him telling Offset to “dance” his way out of the comments of his posts.

“I’ma send ya girl flowers so she know I respect her,” he continued. “I’m disappointed in this n—a. As his father I should have been there more in his life so he wouldn’t have come out a lame azz n—a.”

Presumably, Brown is talking about sending flowers to Cardi B, whom Offset is currently attempting to reconcile with after their s-plit last year. The Migos member has been standing his ground on social media, too. “Check my record and check yours only people you go toe to toe with is women that’s for lame n—-s,” Offset wrote in an earlier response.

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Chris might want to tread carefully bringing Offset’s wife into the mix — you know people don’t play when it comes to family.


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