Childish Gambino Tells Coachella Crowd To Put Phones Away Or Go Home [Video]

Those who are interested in travelling around the globe for sake of entertainment might be knowing that a festival with quite a hustle and bustle is going on in California.

Yes, we are talking about an Instagram-able festival which is taking place with everyone from Aphex Twin to Zedd lining up to take the stage across two weekends at Coachella. There are certain performers in such festical who are able to become a headline in the newspapers. This time that celebrity was Childish Gambino.

Gambino during the show performed with all the energy and action.

The singer is also known as Donald Glover. The 2018 anthem of Glover named as This is America also became a h-it and it helped him earn some fame. The guy also found time to premier his movie called Guava Island. The lead female actress sin the movie is Rihanna.

Coachella is often called as quite a glamorous festival.

People with conservative mentality often attempt to stay away from such festivals. The people are normally here in this festival to listen to their favourite bands or singers. However, as Glover opened his set with a new song shortly after that he decided to talk with his audience in a decisive manner.

He asked them to put away their cellphones in order to make them divert the attention towards his performance. He didn’t want them to get distracted because of their phones.

Put your phones down.

This is not a concert, this is church. If you came here to hear your favorite song, you should go home and do that. If you want to come here to just take Instagram pictures and shit, you should go in the back and move right now. I want y’all to feel this shit. This is my church. I feel at home here.

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