Cars Plow Past Stopped School Bus, So Officers Cut Off Every Single Car & Ticket Them All [Video]

You’re stopped at a red light, driving home from a late night out. It’s after midnight, and there are no other cars around (and no cameras, as far as you can tell).

No one would even know if you just went through the light. There’s no one else for miles so you’re not endangering anyone or yourself. Do you drive through it? Many people would. Different scenario: There’s a school bus stopped ahead of you, but it’s not in your lane. Do you stop? Do you not? Some mothers in Pasco County, Florida, have had just about enough with drivers who do not stop. Monica Douglas and Kristen Rieger are two of the moms who don’t appreciate the way people behave around the school pick-up.

You’ve probably seen the little stop sign that pops up on the backs of school buses when they stop, and the warnings that state traffic must stop when the buses stop.

But drivers don’t always respect these rules.

There are cases where people blatantly ignore the rules and put lives in danger, and there are other cases that are a bit more confusing.

Douglas is convinced this is a straightforward case, but others weren’t so sure: They ended up with tickets. She started filming the bus stop where kids get on, and yelling at drivers who continued driving by without stopping.

US 19 has multiple lanes, and a bus stops on the right-most lane twice a day to pick up and drop off students.

According to ABC 15, the Pasco County School District acknowledges that it’s not an ideal setup, but they’re doing the best they can.



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