Cardi B Is Done Trying To Be A Role Model: “Imma Be My Old Self Again”

Every public figure is not meant to be a role model. This sentiment is one rapper Cardi B wants her fans to internalize, as she openly declares she wants to be her “old self” again.

Cardi’s Cinderella story begins on Instagram, where the Bronx star would take to the platform to “tell it how it is” in a series of hilarious rants. Her social media fame and millions of followers opened the doors for her success on VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ series.

Through her stint on TV, we learned that the former stripper was seeking a career in rapping, and eventually left the franchise to pursue her dream.

To the entire world’s surprise, Cardi became a pop culture phenom, scoring award after award and h-it after h-it.

But now, exhausted from the microscope of celebrity, Cardi is seeking to return to her roots as the ‘regular regular’ girl who didn’t feel pressured by society’s opinion of her.

One fan took to Twitter to tell the new mom that she doesn’t like the message she sends to young girls.

“I love you A LOT but I don’t agree with the messages you’ve been sending us young girls. So many of us look at you as a role model and that should send a very loud message,” the Twitter user wrote.

The Grammy award-winning lyricist responded to her fan saying, she’s over not being herself.

“For these past two years I been watching what I say and I haven’t been myself. Have I been feeling trap and sad cause it’s not ME but everybody tells me to be it for me to be this “role model” and guess what? People still spit my past right in my face so, for now, imma be my old self again,” she explained.

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