Car Guard Selected As Hero, Gets Night Stay At Twelve Apostles Hotel

Samantha Nel and her community selected Seraphin Nguie, a local car guard as their Lakeside Community hero of the year and gifted him a 1-night stay at the Twelve Apostles Hotel.

Lakeside, Western Cape – Seraphin Nguie was made the hero of his community in July 2018 after he helped protect people during an armed rob-bery at the Pick n Pay in the Lakeside Shopping centre.

The Lakeside community select one community hero every month and at the end of the year, they asked their members to vote for the top hero of the year.

Through the process, Seraphin was picked and won a one night stay at the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa.

The hotel is very luxurious and a real treat for anyone that stays there. The gift was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Seraphin who works as a car guard.

He booked his stay and went to the hotel.

He took many pictures during his stay and thanked the entire community for rewarding him in such an amazing stay. He said,

“To all members of lakeside community. I just want to thank everyone . You can’t imagine how great people you all are. I just spent my best day so long, and i didn’t expect this.

You are my inspiration, from you I learn not to look at people by where they from ,which cars they drive, which colors they are, but as human beings.

Thank for everyone, for everything you’ve done for me. The luxury i can not afford, is something i will always remember but the most of all is your sense of humanity.

I really did enjoy it .

Thanks for changing my life as a person, to always put people first. It’s true you’re never walk alone , so far from my home and family i find people with hearts, those who always share my day with joy. I will always remember this , the most precious things in life is good people and you are precious and amazing.”

To share in his treat, Seraphin invited his brother to join him.

Take a look at his first ever hotel stay, he really enjoyed every moment of it.

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