Black Owned Seafood Truck Is The Best In South Florida

Sister Sara’s Crab House is definitely a grown man’s seafood eatery. It’s owned and operated by a beautiful black husband and wife duo, Terry Jr. and Laquonda Griffin, with a little help from Terry’s parents Brenda and Terry Griffin Sr.or starters, the truck is gorgeous with Sistine Chapel-like cleanliness both inside and out.

It was so clean, I felt dirty walking up in my old ragged New Balances. The truck even has a hand sanitization station thanks to Momma Brenda, who reminded me of my own mother who used so much bleach and comet in our home that I may have permanent dementia.

The truck also has a surround sound system where you can hear great music while placing your order or dining at one of their outside tables.

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“My grandmother honestly taught me everything about cooking seafood.

I would go crabbing with her in addition to catching fish. We would come back home and I would have to scale and clean the fish, as well as help her with getting things together for her crab boil,” Terry Griffin said.

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Terry’s grandmother did a phenomenal job because this food truck’s Crab Boil ($23) can only be rivaled by an old Cajun woman living in the swamps of New Orleans.

You can get various sizes that are less expensive starting from $13-$23, but I wanted the most crab in mine so I settled for the largest portion.

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The dish is served in a large aluminum serving pan with snow crab, corn on the cob, sausage, whole boiled eggs, potatoes, and jumbo shrimp. Each component was seasoned well and the seafood had great consistency.

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The crab legs are large enough to snap and eat the meat right out of the shell; not those aggravating small crab legs where you have to eat with the accuracy of a neurosurgeon to get a good piece of meat.

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