Badu & Andre 3k Share Rare Photo Of Adult Son & Cause Mass Confusion For Young Folks

A photo shared by Erykah Badu and her son’s daddy. Outkast rap legend Andre 3K had caused much confusion among millennials. A number of people also realized that they were old school and proud of it as for them, the resemblance was the most talked about topic-not so for their young counterparts.

Millennials found this new piece of information about two of the most innovative musicians of their time quite startling, and had expressed their astonishment on social media.

Many youngsters were shocked and confused as they were unaware that the two of them even knew each other, much less that they dated and had a grown son. Many of them had no idea about that happening.

While Erykah and Andre 3K’s relationship had only lasted for 4 years, they’re now the best of friends. Their son, Seven is now 20. He is in college. In an interview with The New Yorker, hey confirmed that although they were in crazy in love in 1996/1997, they came close to aborting Seven.

They’re now really glad they didn’t take that step.

Seven was conceived just weeks after Badu’s first album, Baduizm. While it was not at all easy for the young couple, they had managed to overcome the difficulties to raise Seven. Even though their relationship eventually soured, they managed to not let that affect Seven.

Badu had reminisced about the year of her debut. She had met Andre Benjamin at the club and Seven was conceived weeks after Baduizm was released. The couple toured through the pregnancy.

Andre had later on used rap to express some of his thoughts on the past relationship and their son, when he said We’re young, in love-in short we had fun. No regrets, no abortion, had a son.


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