Al Roker Undergoes Emergency Sur-gery

Earlier this week, “Today” anchor Al Roker took a day off to undergo emergency carpal tunnel sur-gery after months of battling the condition. On Tuesday, Roker returned with his hand wrapped up, telling his co-anchors, “Everything’s fine.” Hoda Kotb quipped, “Only Roker has sur-gery yesterday and comes into work today, and is going to be on Broadway on Friday.”

Roker shared, “It had just gotten progressively worse to the point where Thursday, I lost the use of my thumb during rehearsals.”

Al received a general anesthetic before the sur-gery on Monday. He explained, “I didn’t want to see anything, know anything,” he said. “Just wanted to wake up dazed and confused — just a regular day for me!”

Roker joked, “Actually, I didn’t even have sur-gery, I just did this for attention!”

Al is scheduled to have his hand bandage removed on Friday, just before his Broadway debut in “Waitress,” in which he will play Joe, the owner of the diner in the musical.

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