8 Times Lenny Kravitz Appeared On Our Feed and Effortlessly Took Our Breathe Away

At 54 years old, Lenny Kravitz is unleashing the type of thirst traps that have our jaws on the floor. On Sunday, the rockstar, actor and philanthropist shared a shirtless photo of himself that had the internet going nuts.

“Good morning. I thank God for another day of life,” he captioned the drool-wothy photo. “Each day is a new birth. An opportunity to grow, learn, and love. What will you do today?” A little lust with a side of positivity? We’ll take it! Come to think of it, this isn’t the first time Kravitz and his rock solid abs has made us think unpure thoughts.

Scroll through the gallery of Lenny Kravitz’s best #MCM moments.

01 Plant-Based Bae

Yes lawd! Lenny Kravitz has been open about his choice to have a plant-based diet.

Clearly, it’s doing his body justice.

02 One With Nature

We love the outdoorsman in him.

03 Single And Ready To Mingle

Kravitz told PEOPLE that he is ready to date again. “I would really like [to find love],” he tells the magazine, “but it’s difficult for me, being so dedicated to my art, which is not an excuse, it’s just difficult.”

04 Carefree Living

He’s got this life thing down to a science.

05 From Surviving to Thriving

Kravitz told The Guardian that after graduating high school, he made money creating demos for other artists.

“I did whatever I had to do to survive,” he tells the outlet.

06 Yes Gawd!

The ultimate fitness motivation.

07 An Influencer To The Core

Lenny says he’s always felt comfortable with his eccentric personal style, even when he was mocked for it. “People made fun of me and laughed at me,” he told GQ. “And then all of a sudden, it caught on and people were manufacturing the stuff that I was wearing.”

08 Better Than Coffee

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