50 Cent Gets $20 From a Man Who S-tole His CD in Fifth Grade

A fan who scarf a 50 Cent album when he was still in school has repaid the rapper, handing him $20 to make up for it. That’s some dedication to paying a debt.

Sharing the bizarre story on his Instagram account, 50 Cent said the fan turned up to a meet-and-greet purely to pay back the $20 he felt he owed for nicking the CD. What a guy. He explained: “He gave me $20 and he said, ‘here take it…’ and said, ‘I scarf your CD in fifth grade. The only person who knew about it was my cousin, but this bugger on some rubbish so I know she going to go left on me. I don’t need you putting me all over your Instagram.'”

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Sharing a video describing the weird interaction, he wrote: “Yo I love Chicago every time I come out here the wildest shit be happening.”

Fiddy could probably do with the extra cash, after all he did buy out an entire section at a Ja Rule concert last October in an impressive display of petty behaviour.

When news indigent, that he had bought out a bunch of tickets, he responded: “Lol at $15 a pop you can’t lose, I got 200 tickets for 3 bands.” In bang taken at the concert it looked as though Ja Rule had failed to sell out a massive section of his gig, but, then 50 Cent shared photoshopped images of him sat in one of the seats looking like he was having a good time, to be fair.

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The pair have been involved in a long-standing argue, dating back about a decade – after learning that Fiddy had bought out the section, Ja Rule tweeted to say that he ‘got under 50 Cent’s skin’ adding that he ‘loves it’. So it doesn’t seem like they’ll be burying the hatchet any time soon then…

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