5-year-old Branded World’s Most Beautiful Girl Starts Modelling Career

Five-year-old internet sensation, Jare, found her way into the spotlight in 2018 when photos of her beside her siblings hit social media. She was quickly a favourite with everyone who saw her, and many said her eyes captivated their souls.

The dark beauty from Nigeria, who was dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world, is now on her way to stardom after recently becoming an international model. In a few Instagram photos shared by the beauty, Jare was spotted posing in luxury clothes from haute couture brand, Princess Ford.

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Looking as innocent and as pure as ever, the Barbie doll lookalike posed bright-eyed in simple outfits and looked super adorable.

Ever since photos of Jare were shared on the internet, international photographers have been scrambling to get a chance to take photos of the little beauty.

When Jare and her sisters were first spotted in 2018, the whole world went crazy for them. Even notable actors and actresses from the US could not come to terms with the radiance, beauty and unique confidence the kids had.

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