249 Cars Passed Him but the One That Stopped Changed His Life

AJ Barker is used to people judging his appearances so when he broke down he wasn’t surprised that no one stopped to help him…until this guy showed up! Here’s what he posted on Facebook:

I swear I saw Jesus today in this man …never doubt by appearances, no matter what ppl look like …treat people how you should be treated…in( 2015 ) the media portrays today’s events of a 88 year old Caucasian man pulling to the side of the road crazy!!!!!!?? after just getting out of a doctors appointment he helped me …broke down on the side the road! …a 6’6 African male with tattoos??? …

after 249 cars passed by lol (I counted) calling all contacts …God comes out of nowhere..

buys me a New tire and stands in the heat with no objection …no second thought…it would be hard myself to stop and help someone like so…so I say let’s be a better nation….no hate…all love! discrimination from the jump ,will end in peace all day…



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