10 Dogs Who Take Begging To A Whole New Level

If you’ve got a pet dog, you’re bound to know how much of a food fiend they are. If it’s not climbing onto the counter to grab your dinner or waiting patiently to drop something it’ll be them begging with all their might for a treat or two. Dogs begging for food has become somewhat of a viral sensation on the internet. Now, dogs, as we know, are not shy when it comes to their love of food. But some dogs take panhandling to a whole new level.

It seems that dogs begging for food is nothing new

But that doesn’t matter, people of the internet have realised how fun it is to do a bit of ‘dog shaming’ by showing their ruthless attempts at getting our food. But some people’s pooches are a little more relentless. Especially when it comes to trying to guilt us into giving them more grub.

The good people of the Bored Panda community certainly haven’t disappointed. When asked to share their favourite images of their dogs begging for food, people came out in force to shame their greedy pups.

And don’t forget to tell us which image is your favourite in the comment section below. And please send us your own greedy dog pictures.

1. This dog kept barking at the front door. When his owner got up to check, the dog ran into the living room and stole his pizza… There was nobody at the door.

2. People do crazy things for KFC

3. Dobby wants master’s BBQ

4. Even when you’re wrestling with your dog, they’re looking for an opportunity

5. I suppose everyone has their rituals

6. It’s not just dogs. They’ve encouraged the others!

7. Dreaming of that sweet, precious BBQ

8. Sometimes you’ve gotta get the whole squad involved

9. This dog pushes his empty bowl all around the room to let his owners know he’s still peckish

10. The Police’ are undercover

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