6 Signs You’ve Found A Good Woman

What exactly makes up a good woman? For every reasonable sane man out there, undoubtedly, a good woman would always be the main target for their affections. These women are the ones that men spend day and night trying to win over. These are the kinds of girls who effortlessly make the hearts of every man they encounter skip a beat. These are the kinds of women you could never bring down or trample upon. They are the strong and independent women of the world who go after what they want. They don’t let anything scare them into passivity or submission. These are the kinds of women who know what they want out of life and who aren’t afraid of putting in some hard work.

There is no wonder that men pursue these women with utmost rigor. Sometimes though, men can be really stupid. They take advantage of these women. They abuse these women. And in the end, when the good woman has had enough and chooses to walk out on him, it’s the man who is at a loss. The good woman is always the one who gets the last laugh. She has her fair share of trials but she always knows how to overcome them.

You have great rapport and emotional chemistry.

Chemistry is very important in any relationship. Each of us as individuals will have our good and bad qualities. It’s only normal. The key in being in a balanced and steady relationship with someone is if our individual personalities manage to complement each other well. That’s why it’s important for men to never let go of women they have great chemistry with.

You think alike.

Another great indicator of longevity in the relationship is if the both of you think alike. When your girl is somehow able to know how you’re thinking or feeling at a particular situation, then that means she knows how to make you happy and not to upset you. It’s also a good indicator how compatible you are as a couple.

You both love each other at the same pace and intensity.

You never rush each other into anything. You never force one another to speed up or slow down in the relationship. You both intuitively know how to love each other and at what pace you want your relationship to develop. You respect each other enough to never impose anything on one another.

There is no shortage of humor in your relationship.

Laughter can fix many things especially in relationships. The ultimate goal in life is to be happy. So what could be better than finding a girl who manages to bring joy and laughter into your life on a daily basis? If you’re in a relationship with a girl who makes you laugh, then don’t take it for granted.

She respects you the way that you deserve.

Respect is the bedrock for any relationship whether romantic or not. Two human beings cannot possibly coexist when there is no respect between them. That’s why a good indication that you’ve found a great woman is when she always respects you the way that you ought to be respected.

She makes you rethink your priorities in life.

She has this uncanny spell over you. She makes you feel things that you’ve never felt before. She has forced you to reexamine your life in ways that you never thought anyone could. She is such a huge part of your life now that you really want to accommodate you in your life for the rest of your days.