8 Things to Never Do on Social Media if You Are in a Relationship

Believe it or not, Social Media plays a major role in our daily lives and it also affects a lot of relationships in either a positive or a negative way. I’ve seen a lot of friends fight over more things like status updates and photos.Whether your relationship is new or you’ve been married for 30 years, there are just some things to never do on Facebook. If you wouldn’t do these things in public, then why put them out there on social media? Don’t put your relationship on the line with these things to never do on Facebook.

Complain about your partner or make a fight public.

This is one of THE most damaging things you can do to your relationship.If you’re in a real relationship, have real conversations. Seek conflict resolution in person, not online — and especially not on a Facebook wall. Don’t use Facebook as a place to vent, be passive-aggressive, or to humiliate your partner. Ever.Do NOT go put a status up on Facebook about how horrible you feel because of that person. Not only will the entire world seem insanely interested in what happened, no one will actually help but simply enjoy the fact that they’re in a better place than you.

Questionable photos.

It was ladies’ night and you drank a little more than you should have, but that doesn’t mean you need to share it, which is why this is one of the top things to never do on Facebook when you’re in a relationship. If you haven’t met your significant other’s parents yet, it might not be a good idea to put a photo of you doing a body shot on social media. Everything you do doesn’t need to be posted on Instagram…keep your crazy good time to yourself!

Deny the relationship.

If your Facebook page has zero evidence that you’re in a relationship — no pictures, statuses, links that hint that you’re attached — and your partner wants to be acknowledged, show him/her that you’re proud to be with him/her, and simultaneously let your flirtatious Facebook friends know that certain online behaviors are now officially off-limits, by giving an occasional nod to your significant other.

Don’t stalk your ex on Facebook.

This one is the most common of them all, a lot of people have a habit of stalking their exes on Facebook. They may have multiple reasons for doing it too, such as:

• I just want to see how miserable he/she is without me.

• I was only trying to see if he/she has gotten hotter after I’m gone.

• I just get happy by seeing him in a terrible state in life without me.

• I’m still a little angry at him/her and I want to take it out on him/her.

These were only some of the things I’ve heard from people. What good can come out of stalking your ex? Nothing. You’re only showing your partner that you’re still not over your ex and it’s going to hurt them a lot when they find out. No one likes to know that they’re simply wasting their time on someone when they’re still stuck in their past.

Friending Their Family/Friends before Discussing It.

Speaking of mothers, if you haven’t met your partner’s family or close friends yet, don’t friend them on Facebook before you do meet. Definitely don’t friend them on there before discussing it with your significant other! Plus, if you still have that wild #college days album up, you may want to take it down before you become friends with his/her parents on Facebook.

Hide things from your spouse or significant other.

If you don’t want your partner seeing who you’re chatting with online, that’s not a good sign. Facebook should not be a secretive escape from your relationship.

Photos with your Ex.

Whether your previous relationship ended in an ugly way or not, you’re starting something new so why keep photos of you and your Ex up on Facebook? Yes, it was part of who you were and maybe even a big part of your life. However, that isn’t who you are any more, so instead of hurting the feelings of your new partner or making them jealous, just take them down and un-tag yourself in any other photos with your Ex.

Don’t make Facebook the home for your relationship.

Alot of people are more in love on Facebook than they are in reality. They put up romantic photos and post on each other’s walls when in real life things are completely different. If you want to be romantic on Facebook and show everyone how great your relationship is, make sure it is equally great or maybe more in real life.

Facebook is merely a social networking website, I’ve seen a lot of people who aren’t even “in a relationship” on Facebook and hardly use it when in real life they’re living very happily with their partners. I’ve seen people who are very expressive and romantic on Facebook with their partners and they are equally amazing when you see them in person. It’s your relationship, it’s your life, show it as much as you want to, but make sure you’re satisfied with the way things are going.

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