Human Growth Hormone: Everything You Need To Know About HGH, And HGH Injections

For all those of you who are up for muscle and body building, you must have come across the term Human Growth Hormones (HGH) or growth hormones from your gym peers or instructors. as the name suggest, HGH are responsible for cell regeneration, growth and maintaining of health of various body tissues, brain, cells and organs. 

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Human Growth Hormones get produced naturally in your body in the pituitary glands and remains active in your bloodstream for few minutes. During this time it allows liver to convert it to growth factors and promotes growth in every cell of your body. HGH are often given as injections to promote growth of individuals who are unable to produce sufficient HGH and used by the body builders to gain muscles. Scroll over to find what are the benefits of HGH and what are the HGH injections :

1. Increases Muscle Strength

Human growth hormone improves the physical capacity of individuals by stimulating collagen synthesis in the skeletal muscles, increases muscle strength and helps to improve performance of an individual in exercising. According to a study when a group of Human Growth Hormones deficient adults were administered with long term HGH therapy, they experienced increased capacity to exercise, improved muscle strength and body composition.

2. Heals Bones And Fractures

When you get an injury or fracture in your bone, HGH helps to speed up the process of regeneration of bone. It enhances the healing of injuries, wounds and also repairs the everyday wear and tear of various bone tissues and cells.

3. Enhances Weight Loss

HGH have said to aid in the process of weight loss as they accelerate lipolysis and allows body to burn extra fat. Research says the HGH can be a potent fat burner and helps to burn visceral or the stored fats in the body. If these hormones are combined with a caloric restricted diet, they accelerate the loss of body fat and improve growth hormone secretion.

4. Stronger Bones

Growth hormones regulate the growth of bones, especially during puberty. The growth hormones stimulate the production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which stimulates the bone forming and bone absorbing cells, this process leads to increase in bone mass.

5. Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases

Grown up individuals with reduced growth hormones are said to be more prone to cardiovascular diseases, which leads to decreased life expectancy too. Various studies show that growth hormones have direct short term and long term effect on heart and deficiency in growth hormones is directly linked with impaired cardiac performance and low heart rate. Growth hormones are an important factor for development and functioning of cardiovascular system.

6. Decrease In Obesity

Individuals with deficiency in growth hormones and low insulin like growth serum have been seen to become obese over a period of time. Administration of growth hormones among obese people shows positive results and treats obesity naturally.

7. Influences Moods And Helps To Get Better Sleep

Growth hormones are said to influence your mood significantly as helps to improve cognitive function. It also helps to get better sleep, improves memory and concentration. The deficiency of Human Growth Hormones can lead to anxiety, fatigue and causes mood swings. Growth hormones when administered properly can help individual to get better sleep and reduce aniexty and fight depression.

8. Human Growth Injections

HGH are produced in pituitary glands of our body till the age of 20s and as you age the production of human growth hormones reduces. Human growth hormones injections are designed to work same as the growth hormones produced growth hormones work naturally. These hormones are medically prescribed and supervised to treat the deficiency among individuals. Before administrating HGH on any person, it is important to consider their preference, age and medical conditions and issues. These injections are given to increase the metabolism, improve strength, and restore energy and body shape. It is also said to reduce belly fat and provide muscle gain. However these injections have a few side effects that must be considered while using HGH injections. They can lead to breathing issues, tumours, life threatening diseases, headaches, joint and muscles aches, pains and swelling in hands and feet.

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