How To Create The Perfect Flick!

If you don’t have the talent of drawing, you will have a hard time doing your cat-eye winged liner. I’m telling you that, relying on my personal experience. I’m drawing like a 4 year old boy. But that’s not the topic of the article. I want to show you the tutorial I found the other day. It shows us step by step how to draw the perfect flick of the eyeliner. I’ll keep showing you similar tutorial until I learn how to do it properly, it is very useful for me too, guys. Take a look:

You will need a flat liner brush and a container of liquid black eyeliner.

The application of the liner is one of the last steps of your makeup. Before doing it, you have to even the skin complexion with a BB cream or foundation, according the coverage you need, you have to shape and fill in the brows and if the occasion requires it, after the application of the eyeshadows.

So, I assume these steps are all done, you can move to the liner tools.

We will start with the shape of the flick. The flat brush will be your best friend from now on. Take the brush and dip it into the liner. Be careful not to take too much material, otherwise you will end up with smudges and crumbs.

Place the brush at the fold of the outer corner of the eye and start moving out- and upward, like you are elongating the bottom lash line. This small thin line must be pointing at the end of the brow.

Then place the brush on the top lash line and make a connecting, curved line.

Finish the shape of the eyeliner by drawing a thin line alongside the top lash line, all the way to the inner corner of the eye.

Thicken that last line and the fill in the flick with the black liner.

Finish the whole look with a coat of mascara. Curl the lashes if needed.