If You Thought THIS Saves Your Battery Life, You're Dead Wrong

 Our phones are an escape from our real lives and they help us gain all the information from all around the world. You can learn languages, dancing styles, yoga, meditation and what not from the world inside our telephones. It is amazing how we can connect with anyone who is across the world without spending a penny even. Cellphones are indeed getting smarter. But what when their battery runs out?

We have a charger

Sure, we have charger to charge the battery the second it is over. But I believe, world is not improves till the battery will be able to self-charge, right? You may spend a lot of time in saving the battery life by closing the unused apps and locking the phone the second you stop using it. And even decreasing the brightness of your cellphone. But does it work well enough?

There are million apps

There are so many apps in your phone which you download and then forget about them. You might not be using half of them and would be unaware about how many you downloaded just by chance.

Draining your battery life

You think if you close the app the minute you stop using it, you will save the battery but my friends, it is no so likely. Your cellphone is still going to lose its battery. Gone are the days of Nokia1100.

Apple's iOS chief Craig Federighi answered

The Chief said that it wasn’t true. Rather when you're not using most apps, they're either "backgrounded" or "suspended." In both cases, they aren't draining your battery and are only using a tiny bit of memory. It may suggest that closing apps might drain your battery even more.

Apple users want to know.

Apple users definitely want to know if this will save the battery life as they have to separately shut the apps after using them. One user even emailed CEO Tim Cook and asked if he closes his unused apps to extend battery life.