10 Images Captured Just A Moment Before Disaster . . .

In the age of internet oversharing of the pics and intrepid photographers have gifted us wonderfully inspirational images, I’ve something for you which is delightful and gives an idea about multitude of potentially disastrous outcomes, when having fun with your loved ones or alone.

So let your imagination run wild and laugh out loud while watching these photographs which were taken right before the disaster stroke their doorstep.

The Trip & Slip

Who says, girls can’t walk on water, see she is flying on muddy water!

The Bar Waiter

Whoa! Watch out man! You should not sleep and walk while on the job!

The Big Party Celebration

On someone’s big party celebration, some jerks get drunk beyond their limit and try to do magical tricks like dropping a transparent drink, while taking a group picture. Hey watch out dude!

Big Wave!

Oh My Gosh! What the hell she is calculating??? Right time to escape? Run, for the sake of your life!

Ship Cargo

Well, keep your fingers crossed that this cargo ship isn't moving overseas and or carrying something fragile and precious...

Soda Tricks

Hey you dumb a$$! Is this is the way to show soda tricks to your little junior? Now he will never believe your stupid tricks again.

Granny's Photobomb

I’ve an advice for you Granny, this is not the right age to show weird tricks to the youngsters.

Bike Races

Whoa! Is he drunk? Or trying to show some stunt during high time of his racing carrier?

Playing Soccer

Oh oh oh! You missed the shot dude! Better luck next time.

Huge Street Pot Hole

Yikes! I hope the passengers and driver are saved.