According To Women, These Are The Most Sense Invoking Areas On A Woman’s Body

A great relationship survives on great chemistry. And what good is chemistry between a guy and girl if that doesn’t translate into next level of physical love act to say the least. Studies show touching some parts of woman’s body may actually put off her mind to an extent where the relationship is put at stake. A guy may experience certain joy when touching these body parts but for girls it’s a complete no-no.

So is it her head, a soft whisper in the ear, her lips or neck, the list is long and endless. Having said that one does need to know and understand there’s no-one size fits all formula for how to please each individual woman. Then what’s the best way to figure this one out? This is bit tricky and a protection rubber company did some a survey on some women on this, read on to find what their survey revealed 

The Mystery Behind Her

Yes you love her but you don’t know what turns her on, what she really wants. Will a bit of teasing do the trick or is it the sweet things you whisper in her ear, what takes her high is a mystery. A rubber protection company ‘skyn’ came up with an answer to this after they researched on some women.

What Women Don’t Like

The survey says that only 4% of women like to touched on their stomach, so guys, next time you touch her tummy, be sure she is one of those 4% else for most women it’s not a turn on. Similarly you may love touching her lower back cheeks, but for her it’s no fun there too. Just avoid doing that.

What She Wants

The survey unveiled the spots on which even a soft kiss would send shivers to her spine and go crazy for you. Over 35% of women said they get high when they are kissed on their bosom. This is a tender part of a woman’s body and can pleasure her the most.

Communication Is The Key

While the survey has pretty much given you a hint of what a woman desires and what will invoke her senses, there is no hard and fast rule that every woman will have same pattern. From a kiss on neck to collarbone or kiss on her lip, every woman has her own sensation. Talk to her to know what she loves and what she doesn’t. Remember communication is the key. She would love to tell you all about her love zones. You just need to explore them.

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