10 Girls Share Their *Most* Embarrassing Bikini Wax Stories!

A bikini wax is something which is very important for private part's health and hygiene. But do you ever had a bikini wax experience in your life? Some women choose hair removing cream to save themselves from pain and some choose painful path which is beneficial for the long run. Which type of woman are you? Would you go for a bikini wax or choose a smooth way to get rid of hairs. So, if you are planning to hit parlor for a bikini wax, then you must read these women expressing their experiences. Here we have ten women confessing their weird, funny and most cringe-worthy bikini waxing experiencing and they will make you glad that you didn't have same experience. So, scroll down to have fun or to get shocked! 

It was Like in the Same Position, Me and My Partner Make Love From Back!

The very first time I had a bikini wax, I was shocked to know that they make you turn over on all fours with your butt in the air to wax your butt. It's kinda the same position you would be in if you were doing it from back. I still find this super weird, awkward and embarrassing. What's even more surprising is, that waxing this area doesn't even hurt at all. Well, thank god for that!

‘I hemmed and hawed through the better part of ten minutes before awkwardly pointing “down there”’

The first time I decided to get a bikini wax to impress my then-boyfriend, I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even know how to say the words to the parlor expert! I hemmed and hawed through the better part of ten minutes before awkwardly pointing ‘down there.’ She called it the ‘under-legs waxing’ and cleaned me up very nicely. My boyfriend was very happy that night…

‘ I ended up falling down, face forward on the floor!’

My first bikini wax was absolutely horrible! I wasn’t expecting THAT much pain. And my reflex action was to get out of there, so. I instantly moved my legs, hoping to land on my feet but instead ended up falling down, face forward on the floor

‘I was horrified to discover flaky skin down there…’

Every time I have a bikini wax, my waxing expert always reminds me to apply baby oil there since waxing causes a lot of dryness. I never really paid much heed to this till this recently. Two days after my wax, I was horrified to discover flaky skin down there, it wasn’t a pretty sight! Needless to say, I make it a point now to use baby oil every time I shower for the first couple days after waxing!

‘She had left a tuft of hair right on My Private Upper Side

I was always horrified by the idea of a bikini wax. So, one fine day, I decided to impress my new boyfriend before our ‘first time’ and get myself waxed down there. I went to a different salon because I was too embarrassed to go to my regular one. The salon expert there kept probing me with questions, ‘First time?’, ‘It will hurt a little, are you ready?’, ‘Are you going on vacation?’ and the worst of all - ‘For the boyfriend, huh?’ When I finally submitted and answered all her questions, she told me she will do something new and fresh. I didn’t really think you could be very creative with this so I let her blabber to herself and do whatever she wanted to. Until, I saw it and was scandalized! She had left a tuft of hair right above my private upper side. She told me that this was what everyone was doing these days and refused to wax it off since it would now leave my skin irritated! Since then I am very clear about my preferences before a bikini wax. My new boyfriend, however, was pretty curious that night, to say the least!

‘I shut my legs in pain and…’

The first time I got my bikini area waxed, the pain was so intense that I shut my legs and the wax basically glued my private shut. It was terrible!’

I let out a fart

I was comfortable with the pain but I farted in the middle. The woman who was waxing me looked horrified and quietly excused herself for a minute. It wasn’t the same woman who returned to complete my bikini wax!

a couple of ladies came rushing into the cabin I was getting waxed in, to check what had happened’

I knew it was going to be painful and I was very scared. So when my waxing lady pulled the strip the first time, I yelled like someone had stabbed me (In my defence, it did feel a little bit like that). In fact, I yelled so loud, that the rest of people in the parlour got alarmed and a couple of ladies came rushing into the cabin I was getting waxed in, to check what had happened. While my waxing lady stood there terrified, I realized I now had half a dozen people staring at me

‘I tried waxing…at home!’

I tried waxing ‘down there’ for the first time...at home! Except, I didn’t read anything about it before and left the wax on too long, making it impossible to remove! My mom had to help me out in the end, and this is definitely the most embarrassed I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve left it to the professionals ever since.

‘The woman would put the wax on and...blow on it!’

This one memorable time, the woman who was waxing me would put the wax on and then...blow on it! It was easily the most embarrassed I’ve ever been inside a beauty parlour.