14 Weird and Disturbing Physical Love Obsessions That Will Shock You

Our human mind and body is designed in such a way that each person has their own way of doing things in their lives. When it comes to love act, each individual has his or her preferences, kinky desires and fantasies. These desires are completely fine and one can indulge in these with no inhabitations. But did you know that there some people who have taken this another level

These fixations are not only creepy but disgusting too. Their weird obsessions are gross, irrational and fall out of all norms. Scroll over to know those bizarre physical love cravings people have


Avisodomy is a weird desire to engage in act with a bird or a duck. This involve a human engaging in such act with a duck in a pond, this sounds to be really creepy.


Agalmatophilia is a kinky desire of a human being to get with a statue, sculpture, mannequin, doll or a figurative object of similar nature. The attraction maybe of indulging in physical act or it may also be watching such an act in real or in form of animation. It will also include the pleasure gained by watching such encounters with thoughts of being transformed or transforming another in the desired state like doll.


Dendrophilia literally means love for trees. This is a creepy desire that many human beings have to get in close love act with trees. This can also refer to a similar desire paraphilia, which means a physically attracted to or stimulated by trees. Although every individual loves nature and wants to enjoy the greenery around, this kind of desire is definitely too weird in itself.


Mechaphilia is another weird fixation involving physical attraction to mechanical automobiles like motor bikes, bicycles, helicopters and aeroplanes. In some nations like UK this fascination is seen as a crime and perpetrators are classified as physical assaulters during prosecution. You may have come across many people passionate about cars and motorbikes, but this is all together a different kind of obsession of those who want it. These people can get turned on by trucks and buses too.


You may have noticed some men keeping their hands in pocket over and over again while they are in company of women. Well this is termed as sacofricosis or more commonly termed as pocket pool. In this men intentionally place their hands in their pants pockets and pleasure themselves while sneaking at women in public place


Most people will be disgusted if they see mucous or snot but did you know there are some people who actually get turned when they see anyone sneezing. This fancy characterised by get physically turned on by seeing or hearing someone sneeze. Although this is a harmless desire however mucophilia sounds to too weird and strange.


Autonepiophilia is an adult fancy in which a grown up adult gets in role play of an infant. The person involved behaves like an infant and drinks from a bottle and wears a diaper. They may engage in nurturing things and they are considered to be gone mentally weak. However the implications of this nasty desire can only be understood by the one who goes through this mental disorder.


Salirophilia is the excitement that one gets in dirtying their own selves or their partners or watching anyone get dirty for that matter. This may involve a person’s clothing or body messed with pies, cakes, mud or filth, making mess out of their hair and makeup. The idea is not to harm the person physically but make the subject all messed up and dirty. Imagine throwing up a piece of creamy treat on your girlfriend and getting turned by it, well occasionally yes, but if it always, it means you are salirophilia.


Do you fantasise about teddy bears or do you like to have big teddy bear in your bed and you get turned by it. Well this fancy where in individuals get pleasure by teddy bear is termed as plushophilia.


Apotemnophilia is again a weird want to get with a person who is amputee. This sounds to too creepy as the thought itself to get that kind of physically stimulation by looking at individuals who are amputee by their leg or arm or has missing limb.


The desire of being bitten or crawled upon by ants or small insects is termed as formicophilia. This desire goes to different level of absurdness when an individual intentionally places these tiny insects on their genitals or other parts of body to get pleasure.The desire of being bitten or crawled upon by ants or small insects is termed as formicophilia. This desire goes to different level of absurdness when an individual intentionally places these tiny insects on their genitals or other parts of body to get pleasure.


Psychrophilia means to gain physical pleasure from being cold or watching others freeze. For anyone to dip arm in a cold water, it will cause an extreme pain but there are some people who get turned on by dousing their body in ice cold water or snow.


Frotteurism means driving pleasure by rubbing their pelvic region to a non consenting person to get physical pleasure. Often this is done by pervert minded people in public place where there are many people like metros, buses or ques. This sick desire involves a touch of genital areas as well.


Symphorophilia is a strange desire and act of gaining pleasure by watching a disaster like a road accident, fire or smashing of cars and bikes. This obsession is not even explainable by any medical professional too. This sounds to be sickening.

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